"Landscape of Change"

Olean Public Library Gallery, Olean, NY 11/07

"Dipple Hill View, Arkwright, NY" Arkwright, NY 18"x24" Sold 

"Lapp Farm View, Late August, Sunset" Cassadaga, NY Sold

"Summer of Bucky, Webster Rd Cornfields" Fredonia, NY 

16"x 24" $500

"Orchards & Vineyards with Personal Wind Turbine" 

Portland, NY $600

"Luensman Overview Park"

Brocton, NY 20"x30" Sold

"Winds of Change" Proposed Industrial Wind Farm Location Pomfret, NY 30"x 60" Sold

"Arkwright Industrial Wind Farm Imagined" 10"x20" Sold

"Freeman Farm #2, Fall" Brocton, NY 12"x24" Sold 

"Pomfret Hills, Spring" Proposed Industrial Wind Farm Location, 10"x20" Sold

"Three Man Hill, Sunset" SUNY Fredonia, 11"x 14" Sold

"Cow Pasture, Freeman Farm #1, Fall" Brocton, NY 12"x24" Sold 

"Concord Drive #2, Fall" Pomfret, NY 10"x 20" 

Sold, Prints available $60

"Greystone Nature Preserve #1 Late Spring" Brocton, NY Sold

"Greystone Nature Preserve #4 Late Spring" Brocton, NY 

10"x20" $500

"Red Garter View" Salamanca, NY 20"x30" $1000

"Chestnut Ridge, Sunset" Orchard Park, NY 16"x20" $900

"Slippery Rock Creek" Portland, NY 18"x24" Sold 

"Lake Erie State Park, Wedding View" Pomfret, NY 10"x20" 

Sold Prints available $60 

"Van Buren Point" Pomfreet, NY 10"x20" Sold 

"Chautauqua Lake #1" Mayville, NY 10"x24" Sold 

"Chautauqua Lake #2" Mayville, NY 10"x20" Sold