Pink Sunset, Pt. Gratiot, Dunkirk

10"x 20" $400

Gold Sunset, Pt. Gratiot, Dunkirk 10"x20" $400

Storm is Coming, Pt. Gratiot, Dunkirk, 10"x20", $200

Burning Sunset, Pt. Gratiot, Dunkirk, 10'x20" Sold

Calm Summer Day, Pt. Gratiot, Dunkirk, 10"x 20", Sold

Banach Beach View, Pt. Gratiot, Dunkirk, 10"x 20", Sold

Van Buren Bay, Sold

Limited Edition Prints available $60

Van Buren Bay, Sold

Hidden Beneath Ice and Snow, Van Buren Bay, $500

Ice Volcanoes, Van Buren Point, Sold

Slippery Rock, Sold,

Limited Edition Prints, $60

Wedding View, Lake Erie State Park, Sold, Limited Edition Prints, $60

Barcelona Beach Sunset, Westfield NY, 12"x 24", $400

The Mouth of Chautuaqua Creek, Westfield, NY, Sold

View of Dunkirk #3, Sold, Limited Edition Prints, $60

View of Dunkirk #1, Sold

Sunset Bay, Silver Creek, Sold

Sunrise at the Lighthouse, 10"x 24" $150

Dusk at Presque Isle, Erie PA, 14'x30" Sold