Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 

1. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Lower Falls, Inspiration Point 16"x20" 2008

5. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone #2, 

Upper Falls, 9"x12" Sold

14. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone,#3, Goelogical Formation 11"x14"

2. Mamoth #1 Hill View, Sunrise During Fire 2008

3. Mamoth Hotsprings #2, Sunrise Looking East (Thermal Spirits)

7. Mamoth Hotsprings #3, Sunrise 

(Looking north into Montana) 12"x24"

9. Mamoth Hotsprings #4

Sleeping Bison 9"x12"

6. Norris Geyser Basin #1 

Thermophyl Ecosystem, 12"x24"

15. Norris Geyser Basin #2, 

Geyser Valley Ecosystem, 12"x24"

8. Lamar Valley#1, View of Bison Research Facility at Sunrise (Watching a wolves hunt for breakfast) 12"x24" Sold

12. Lamar Valley #2 Druid Peak 

(Looking for Druid Peak pack's den)9"x12"

11. The Grand Prismatic #2, Hill View, 16"x24"

4. The Grand Prismatic #1 (Boardwalk view) 12"x24"

10. Afternoon at Gardner Sunset 12"x28" 

17. Castle Geyser, Old Faithfull Geyser Basin 

9"x12" Sold

18. Bozeman, Sunset 12"x28" Sold