Beautiful Views 

View of Buffalo, Fall, Forestville, NY

 30”x 40” Sold

Forestville in Summer, 20"x30" Sold

Dipple Hill View #2, East at Sunrise Sold 

Dipple Hill View #1 South at Sunrise, Arkwright, NY 18'x24" Sold 

Bob's View (Paradise Hill) 18'x24", Sold

Paradise Hill, Winter, Arkwright NY, 16"x20" Sold 

Dunkirk Airport View of Arkwright Hills at Sunrise, 16"x 60" Sold

Pomfret Hills, Early Spring, 10"x20" Sold

Concord Drive View, Summer, 10"x20" Sold 

Winds of Change  24"x 60"  Sold

Route 20 Vineyard, Spring 10"x24" Sold

Route 20 Vineyard, Fall 12"x24" Sold

Concord Drive View, Summer, 10"x20" Sold 

Concord Drive View, 10"x20" Sold

Limited Edition Prints available $70

Route 20 View of Arkwright Hills,  16"x 60"  Sold

Greystone Nature Preserve, Late Winter, 10"x20" Sold

Greystone Nature Preserve, Spring, 10"x20" Sold 

Colt Rd Extension, Brocton NY, 10"x20" Sold

Luensman Overlook, 20"x30", Sold

Fish Rd View, 12"x24" Sold

Bliss Rd 10"x24" Sold

Johnson Estates, Summer, 12"x24" Sold

Johnson Estates, Fall, 12"x24" Sold

View of Two Lakes, 20"x30" Sold 

View of North East, 20"x30" Sold 

Peak N Peak #1, 12"x24", $900

Peak N Peak #2, 9"x12" $345

Available at Chautauqua Art Gallery

Chautauqua Lake View, Route 86 Rest Area at Sunrise, 18"x24" Sold

86 Headed East, Sunrise, Jamestown, NY, Sold

Strider Field View, Jamestown, NY 12"x24" $695, Available at Chautauqua Art Gallery

Falconer View, Fall, 12"x24" Sold 

Into the Alleghenies, Gerry NY, 18"x24" $700.

Heart of Chautuaqua County, Sinclairville, NY 18"x24", $700 

Zoar Valley #2, Lookout Point, 18"x24" Sold 

Zoar Valley 4 Pyramid View 18"x24" Sold

Chestnut Ridge, Orchard Park, 18"x24" $850