Canaway, Forest Place, Fall 

Print on Canvas, $75

Canadaway Waterfalls, Fall $70

Canadaway Creek, 20"x14" $70

Slippery Rock Creek, 16"x20"–$70

Van Buren Point, 9"x18" $60

Lake Erie State Park (Wedding View), 9"x18" $60

View of Dunkirk NY #3, 9"x18"–$60

Barker Commons, 

Fredonia NY, 9"x18"–$60

Autumn View of Lake Erie, 9"x18"–$60

Pomfret Bicentenial, 10"x20"–$60

Harvest Time,12"x 30" $80

Westfield Vineyard, 20"x 30"– $90

Sunrise at the SUNY Fredonia Woodlot, 9"x 12" $50

Earth Day at the SUNY Fredonia Lodge, 14"x18" $70

Farmer Johns Cherry Orchard #6, 18"x 28"–$90

Farmer Johns Cherry Orchard #1, 17"x 23" $70

Zoar Valley 2 Point Lookout, 17"x23"–$80

The Blue Bells of Alexander Preserve, Zoar Valley, 16"x20"– $70

The Grand Tetons #1, Sunrise 10"x20"– $70

The Grand Tetons #2, Jackson Lake, 10"x20" $70

Yellowstone, Lamar Valley, 10"x20"–$70

Zion, Watchman Trail, 10"x20"–$70

Philmont #1, Miranda View Day, 12"x15"–$60

Philmont #2, Miranda View Sunset, 16"x20" $90

Sunrise at Camp Gross, Cassadaga NY, 9"x12" $50

Elk Lick Scout Reserve, Smethport PA, 9"x12" $50

Touch the Earth Farm, Hagerstown MD, 11"x 16" $70

Gettysburg #2, Picket's Tower, 10"x20"– $70

SUNY Fredonia Clocktower, 20"x 14"–$60

Venice, 20"x14"–$60

Sacre'-Coeur, Paris, 10"x20"–$70

Occupy Fredonia, 16"x20"–$70

Snæfellsjökull Glacier, Iceland 10"x 20" $70